Bernard P. Grenfell

1869 - 1926

British papyrologist; he was born in Birmingham, 16 Dec. 1869, son of John Granville G., Master of King Edward’s School and later Clifton College, and Alice Pyne;he was educated at Clifton College, and studied at The Queen’s College, Oxford; Fellow, 1894; MA; DLitt; FBA; Hon. member of many foreign academies; Professor of Papyrology, 226 Oxford, 1916; he went to Egypt in 1894 for training in excavation technique under Petrie, and in 1895 and succeeding years explored the Fayum sites for papyri for the EEF; on the formation of the Graeco-Roman Branch of the Fund he edited with Hunt many volumes of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri and other publications of that Branch, though his work was often interrupted by ill health; he also collaborated with Hunt in the catalogues of the Amherst, John Rylands, and Cairo collections; his first independent work was the Revenue Laws of Ptolemy Philadelphus, 1896, based on the important papyrus obtained by Petrie in 1894; he died in Eley, Perth,17 March 1926.

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