1901-02 Manashinshana (Faiyum)

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Season summary: 

The excavations were sponsored by the Graeco-Roman branch and thus were concerned with recovering papyri from the Graeco-Roman period rather than objects or material from different time periods.

The excavators returned to the cemetery at Manashinshana. Papyrus wrapped mummies were found, along with mummy portraits, glass vases, jewellery and beads (sometimes housed in wooded boxes). A stucco mummy with the portrait painted flat onto a wood panel went to the Cairo Museum.


Relevant publications: 

Grenfell, Bernard P. and Arthur S. Hunt 1902. Graeco-Roman branch. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund) (1901-1902), 2-5.

Additional archive material: 
London, Lucy Gura Archive, Egypt Exploration Society
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