1902-03 Cynopolis

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The excavations were sponsored by the Graeco-Roman branch and thus were concerned with recovering papyri from the Graeco-Roman period rather than objects or material from different time periods

The New Kingdom cemetery was located to the north of an extensive necropolis. To the south of this are early Ptolemaic tombs in both rock cut and shaft form. The excavators note that this area has been heavily excavated in antiquity and in the present day and thus there was not much to find. The exception is a tomb which had papyrus and some figurines of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris.

On the west side of a high flat toped hill to the southwest of the site were numerous burials of corn mummies sometimes in a pottery or wooden sarcophagus. The report's language is ambiguous whether these are stand alone burials or associate with a human burial. 



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London, Lucy Gura Archive, Egypt Exploration Society
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Grenfell, Bernard P. and Arthur S. Hunt 1903. Graeco-Roman branch. Excavations at Hibeh, Cynopolis and Oxyrhynchus. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund) (1902-1903), 1-9.

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