1895-96 Karanis (Faiyum)

Type of fieldwork: 
Season summary: 

The excavation season started on December 24 and lasted for 12 days. The excavators returned for the last week of February to examine the site in light of what thet learned in Bacchis. The primary purpose of the excavations was to recover papyri. 

The temple was cleared in order to see the plan and some epigraphic evidence was recorded. There were some material remains recovered such as figurines in bronze and in faience. Both houses and tombs were excavated recovering 2nd century CE papyri and household objects in ceramic, bone and wood. A Roman coin horde was also found. On the return the excavators recovered ostraca, glass, papyri and terracottas. 

Relevant archive holdings: 
London, Lucy Gura Archive, Egypt Exploration Society
Relevant publications: 

Hogarth, David George and Grenfell, Bernard P. 1896. Cities of the Faiyum: Karanis and Bacchias. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund)(1895-1896), 14-19.

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