1896-97 el-Kab

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Season summary: 
  • As soon as they arrived, Quibell and his team cleared uninscribed rock tombs to turn them into 'a comfortable house'.
  • The excavations (December to April) concentrated on the cemetery to the east of the settlement.
  • Other excavated areas include mastabas outside the northern side of the city walls, temple deposits, and selected areas inside the city walls.
  • Finds include pottery, stone vases, funerary stelae, soul houses, beads, seals and sealings, paint slabs, and mirrors, dating from the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom.
Relevant publications: 

Catalogue of antiquities from excavations at Deshasheh and Behnesa (Egypt Exploration Fund) and El Kab (Egyptian Research Account) : exhibited at University College, Gower St., London, July 1st to 31st 1897. 1897. London : Egypt Exploration Fund.

Quibell 1897.

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Oxford, Griffith Institute, University of Oxford
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