Annie Abernethie Pirie


British artist and archaeologist; she was born at Aberdeen, 5 Dec.1862, daughter of Revd Prof. William Robertson P. of Aberdeen and Margaret Chalmers Forbes; she studied at University College London; she went to Egypt in 1895 as an assistant to Petrie in copying reliefs at Saqqara and Thebes; she married J. E. Quibell in 1900; she later assisted her husband in his archaeological work; her drawings of hieroglyphs from the tomb of Paheri at Elkab were used by Griffith in his monograph Hieroglyphs,1898; she published two popular books, Egyptian History and Art, 1923; A Wayfarer in Egypt, 2nd ed., 1926; she arranged the Grant-Bey Collection in Aberdeen; she died in Cambridge, 26 Dec. 1927.