1908-09 el-Mahasna

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Ayrton and Loat led work in this Predynastic cemetery where their team reportedly cleared around 300 of an estimated 600 graves on site. The highest grave number they published however is H143. The rich array of Predynastic finds from this excavation are usually marked with the capital letter 'H' followed by a number, then occassionally another captial letter after a dot (e.g. H143.B which would mean grave H 143 find 'B'). 

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London, Lucy Gura Archive, Egypt Exploration Society
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Catalogue of exhibition of antiquities: found by the officers of the Egypt Exploration Fund at Abydos and Mahasna; exhibited at King's College, Strand, July 8th to July 31st, 1909 / Egypt Exploration Fund. 1909. London : Egypt Exploration Fund.

Ayrton, Edward R. and W. L. S. Loat 1911. Pre-dynastic cemetery at el Mahasna. Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund 31. London: Egypt Exploration Fund.

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