William Leonard Stevenson Loat

1871 - 1932

British naturalist and archaeologist; he was born at Norwood, Surrey, 15 Oct. 1871, son of William L. and Marianna Eliza Stevenson; he first visited Egypt in 1899 as assistant to G. A. Boulenger, FRS, in the ichthyological survey of the Nile; he excavated at Gurob for Petrie (q.v.), 1903, and at Abydos for the EEF, 1908-9 and 1912-13, where he found and published an account of the Ibis Cemetery; the war put a stop to his Egyptological work, and he afterwards married and settled at Mevagissy, Cornwall, taking up horticulture; FZS, 1895-1902; he visited the Andes in 1927; he presented some Egyptian objects to the Penzance Museum in the 1920s; he published Predynastic Cemetery at El Mahasna, with E. R. Ayrton, 1911; Gurob, with M. A. Murray’s Saqqara Mastabas, 1905; he died at Treclome, Megavissey, Cornwall, 10 April 1932.