1906-07 Deir el-Bahri

Type of fieldwork: 
Season summary: 

The focus of the season was to clear the back part of the mortuary temple and the primary aim of the excavaton was to uncover extant architecture.

Notable objects found include eight baskets of wooden figurines, stone sculpture, cloth, broken bows, wooden sticks and tools, wooden figurines, and wooden boats. 

Relevant archive holdings: 
London, Lucy Gura Archive, Egypt Exploration Society

Archive Documents

Distribution Notes: 

The sarchophagus of Henhenuit discovered in 1905 was sent to New York. 

Relevant publications: 

Catalogue of an exhibition of antiquities : found by the officers of the Egypt Exploration Fund in the XIth dynasty temple at Deir el-Bahari and at Oxyrhynchus, 1906-7 ; exhibited at King's College, Strand, July 9th to July 30th / Egypt Exploration Fund. 1907.  London : Egypt Exploration Fund.

Naville, Edouard 1907. Excavations at Deir el-Bahri. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund)(1906-1907), 1-7.

Additional archive material: 
Oxford, Griffith Institute, University of Oxford
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