James Teackle Dennis

1865 - 1918

American attorney and Egyptologist; born Baltimore, 6 Oct. 1865, son of James Upshur D. and Mary Wilson Teackle; he was educated at Lafayette College and Johns Hopkins University 1896-1903; he travelled in Egypt 1895-6 and again 1905-6 and 1907 when he acted as a volunteer assistant to Naville at Deir el-Bahri; he journeyed from Cairo to Uganda in 1907; he published On the Shores of an Inland Sea, 1908; From Cataract to Equator, 1910; The Burden of Isis, 1910, and various articles in journals; he died in Woodbrook, Md., 1 April 1918; his antiquities are in The Johns Hopkins University and the Malden Museum, Missouri and some of his papers in the Griffith Institute.