1905-06 Tell el-Yahudiya

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Belbeis, Ghita, Saft el-Hinna, Shaghanbeh, Tell el-Rataba and Tell el-Yahudiya are eastern Delta cities that were excavated by Petrie in the same year as sites connected either to Biblical history or the Hyskos people. 

Excavations were started to determine if this site was, as supposed, the town given to the High Priest Onias as described in Josephus. The excavations centred on a temenos and a cemetery to the east. 

At the temple site notable finds include architectural elements friom the 12th Dynasty, grave goods for Hyskos burials inside the temple, figurative glazed tiles and pottery. 


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London, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
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Petrie, W. M. Flinders 1906. Hyksos and Israelite cities. British School of Archaeology in Egypt and Egyptian Research Account [12] (12th year). London: British School of Archaeology in Egypt; Bernard Quaritch

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