1905-06 Deir el-Bahri

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Season summary: 

The excavation continued to clear the south court of the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep and the intent of excavations were on uncovering extant architecture. 

  • ruins of brick chambers which were plastered, and thought to be houses for priests or storehouses.
  • a tomb in the south court which had been looted in antiquity, likely when the court was being built
  • a Hathor shrine with a life-size painted sandstone deity statue of Hathor in cow form suckling a man

Notable objects found include a life-size sandstone cow statue of the goddess Hathor, a votive stela from Senusret III. Naville notes scarabs, votive cloths with representations of the worship of Hathor, and hieratic ostraka as objects were found during excavations. 

Relevant archive holdings: 
London, Lucy Gura Archive, Egypt Exploration Society

Archive Documents

Distribution Notes: 

A relief showing Hathor in human form was sent to Toronto.

Reliefs showing water plants were sent to New York and the British Museum

The reliefs showing the expedition against the Aamu were all sent to the British Museum. 


Relevant publications: 

Catalogue of exhibition of antiquities and papyri: found by the officers of the Egypt Exploration Fund in the XIth dynasty temple at Deir el-Bahari and at Oxyrhynchus ; exhibited at King's College, Strand, July 10th to August 4th / Egypt Exploration Fund.  1906. London : Egypt Exploration Fund.

Naville, Edouard and H. R. Hall 1906. Excavations at Deir el-Bahri. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund)(1905-1906), 1-7.

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