Edward D. Bell

1844 -1926

British publisher and writer on architecture; born Stockwell, 18 Oct. 1844, eldest son of George B., publisher and Hannah Simpson; he was educated at St. Paul’s School and Trinity College, Cambridge; MA; FSA; he married Alice van Rees Hoets (d.1917), 1873; Chairman of G. Bell & Sons Ltd. publishers; President of Publishers Assoc.,1906-9; among his publications are works on Prehellenic architecture in the Aegean, Hellenic architecture and the Architecture of Western Asia; see especially The Architecture of Ancient Egypt: a historical outline, 1915, in the Origins of Architecture series; this contains an appendix with a translation of Lepsius’ paper ‘On some forms of Egyptian Art and their evolution’; he died in London, 8 Nov. 1926.

Excavation Roles: 
Excavations Excavation Role
Archaeological Surveyor
Archaeological Surveyor