David Randall-MacIver


British Egyptologist and archaeologist; he was born in London, 31 Oct. 1873, son of John M. (d.1875) and Eliza Mary Rutherford (who married secondly Richard Randall); he was educated at The Queen’s College, Oxford; became Laycock Student of Egyptology, 1900; FSA, 1907; FBA, 1938; he excavated under Petrie at Dendera and Abydos, 1898-1901; he was curator of the Egyptian section of the University Museum of Pennsylvania 1906-11 and Director of the Eckley B. Coxe expedition to Egypt and the Sudan, and with C. L. Woolley excavated at the sites of Areika, Buhen, and Karanog, 1907-10; he was Librarian of the American Geographical Soc., but gave up this appointment to serve on Intelligence Staff in France during the First World War; he afterwards gave up this work and went to Italy where he did research and published works on Etruscan and Italian archaeology; he published articles in the Penn. Univ. Museum Journal; his principal works were, The Earliest Inhabitants of Abydos: a craniological study, 1901; Libyan Notes, with A. Wilkin, 1901; El Amrah and Abydos, 1899-1901, with A. C. Mace, 1902; The Ancient Races of the Thebaid, etc., 1905; Areika: with a chapter on Meroitic inscriptions by F. Ll. Grif th, with C. L. Woolley, 1909; Karanôg: the Romano-Nubian cemetery, 1910; Buhen, 2 vols., with C. L. Woolley, 1911; he also edited G. S. Mileham’s Churches in Lower Nubia, 1910; he died in New York, 30 April 1945. 

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