1912 Meir

Type of fieldwork: 
Archaeological Survey
Epigraphic Survey
Illustration and Recording
Season summary: 

The season's objective was to study and document the six known tomb chapels of governors of the area. Blackman concentrated on photographing and copying the tomb decoration in the tomb of Senbi and Uk-hotep II, Ukh-hotep III and some scenes in the chapel for Pery-ankh.

Archive Documents

Relevant publications: 

Blackman, Aylward Manley 1914-1924. The rock tombs of Meir. London: Egypt Exploration Fund, 1-4. 

Blackman, Aylward M. and Michael R. Apted 1954. The rock tombs of Meir. Part V: the tomb-chapels A, No. 1 (that of Ni-'Ankh-Pepi the Black), A, No. 2 (that of Pepi'onkh with the "good name" of Ḥeny the Black), A, No. 4 (that of Ḥepi the Black), D, No. 1 (that of Pepi), and E, Nos. 1-4 (those of Meniu, Nenki, Pepi'onkh and Tjetu). Archaeological survey of Egypt 28. London: Egypt Exploration Society.

Blackman, Aylward M. and Michael R. Apted 1954. The Rock Tombs of Meir. Part VI: the tomb-chapels of Ukhḥotpe son of Iam (A, No. 3), Senbi son of Ukhḥotpe son of Senbi (B, No. 3), and Ukhḥotpe son of Ukhḥotpe and Ḥeny-Ḥery-Ib (C, No. 1). Archaeological survey of Egypt 29. London: Egypt Exploration Society.


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