1904-05 Serabit el-Khadim, Sinai

Type of fieldwork: 
Illustration and Recording
Season summary: 

Excavations took place from January 11- March 18.

The temple was cleared in order to allow for full-scale fascimilie drawing of the decoration. Artefacts which were recovered include statues, statuettes, stelae, and faience votives which were vessels, figurines, sistra, and bracelets. 

Relevant archive holdings: 
London, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

Archive Documents

Relevant publications: 

Catalogue of Egyptian antiquities : found in the peninsula of Sinai, and at Pithom, Oxyrhynkhos, and Thebes, and drawings of tombs at Saqqara, for the Egypt Exploration Fund and Egyptian Research Account, 1905 ; exhibited at University College, London, June 29th to July 29th. 1905. London.


Petrie, W. M. Flinders, 1905. The Sinai expedition. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund) (1904-1905), 10-12.

Petrie, William Matthew Flinders 1906. Researches in Sinai. London : Murray.

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