1903-04 Ihnasya

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The temple and temenos were cleared to a depth of 12 metres and notes that the temple may have been established in the 12th Dynasty but was altered throughout its existence. A gold statuette of Hershef was found and left Egypt in exchange for some 1st Dynasty jewellery from Abydos. A granite triad of Ramesse II, Ptah and Hershef was retained by the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Petrie notes clearing burnt houses from the Roman Period with the following objects found: lamps, terracotta figurines, pottery, and coins.  Currelly located the cemetery and notes the graves as looted. 

Petrie reports that he purchased many things this season in order to complete a corpus of lamps and presumably also bought other material. 


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London, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

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Catalogue of Egyptian antiquities : found by Prof. Flinders Petrie at Ehnasya, Dr. Naville & Mr Hall at Deir el Bahri and Drs Grenfell & Hunt at Oxyrhynchus (Egypt Exploration Fund), Mr Loat at Gurob and drawings from tombs at Saqqara by Misses Murray, Hansard & Mothersole (Egyptian Research Account), 1904 ; exhibited at University College, London, July 4th to 30th. 1904. London.


Petrie, W. M. Flinders 1904. Excavations at Ehnasya. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund)(1903-1904), 12-14.


Petrie, W. M. Flinders 1905. Ehnasya: 1904. Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund 26. London: Egypt Exploration Fund.


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Sketch Plans Ehnasya and Buto: Petrie – Ehnasya  & Supplement 1905 plate XLIV
Sketch Plans Ehnasya and Buto: Petrie – Ehnasya  & Supplement 1905 plate XLIV
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