1902-03 Beni Hasan

Type of fieldwork: 
Illustration and Recording
Season summary: 

The excavation began in December 1902 and ended in May 1903, during the course of the season nearly 500 tombs were examined. Norman de Garis Davies joined the season for a fortnight to copy and record some of the decoration. 

Relevant publications: 

Excavations at Beni Hasan in Upper Egypt, 1902-3-4 : catalogue of exhibition, inaugurated by H. R. H. Princess Henry of Battenberg, held by permission of the council in the rooms of the Society of Antiquaries, July 7th to 23rd 1904. - [Liverpool : Brakell], [1904].

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Garstang, John 1907. The burial customs of ancient Egypt as illustrated by tombs of the Middle Kingdom: being a report of excavations made in the necropolis of Beni Hassan during 1902-3. London: Constable.


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