Beni Hasan

Alternative site names: 
Beni Hasan; Beni-Hassan; Beny-Hasan; Béni Hassan
Arabic site names: 
بني حسن
Site description: 

The explorations of the site undertaken by Percy Newbury and George Willoughby Fraser was primarily a recording expedition of the 39 tombs of nomarchs in order to preserve a record of the tomb decoration both in drawing and in photography. The tombs were cleared and surveyed by Fraser. 

In John Garstang's excavations of the site 1902-1904, 888 tombs were excavated. Garstang's excavations covered a wide geographic area from north the south: Kom el-Ahmar includes tombs of 5-6 dynasties and 12-15 dynasties; Nureat which has ca. 100 small rock cut tombs from dynasties 2-4; North Beni Hasan which has ca. 900 tombs of officials and elites from dynasties 11-12; and South Beni Hasan (Speos Artemidos) ca. 250 tombs from dynasties 12-15 and Old Kingdom rock cut tombs (dynasties 5-6).

Type of site: 
Tombs (6th Dynasty, 11th Dynasty, 12th Dynasty).
Excavation season: