1895-96 Deir el-Bahri

Type of fieldwork: 
Illustration and Recording
Season summary: 

The primary purpose of the season was to clear debris from the Temple of Hatshepsut, which did necessitate some architectural consolidation and reconstruction. Temple reliefs and decoration were also recorded. 

13 graves from the 11th dynasty some of which had been reused in the 21st dynasty were excavated close to the temple. The early graves were lavish but had been plundered in antiquity, a wooden coffin, two model boats, and a wide variety of wooden servant statues were recovered. 


Relevant archive holdings: 
London, Lucy Gura Archive, Egypt Exploration Society
Relevant publications: 

Naville, Édouard. 1896. Excavations at Deir el Bahari. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund) 1895-1896, 1-6.

Additional archive material: 
Oxford, Griffith Institute, University of Oxford
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