Ernest Arthur Gardner

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1862 - 1939

British classicist and archaeologist; he was born in London 16 March 1862, son of Thomas G., stockbroker, and Ann Pearse; educated at the City of London School, and afterwards entered Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; he was appointed Director of the British School of Archaeology, Athens, 1887-95; Yates Professor of Archaeology, University College London, 1896-1929; LittD, Cambridge; Hon LittD, Trinity College, Dublin; etc,; he assisted Petrie in the excavation of the city of Naucratis 1885-6, helping then and later to establish important connections between Saite Egypt and Greece, and contributing the chapter on the inscriptions to the report; he was of great help to Petrie in his work of cross-dating Egyptian and Aegean objects; he also contributed to Art of Egypt through the Ages, 1931; he died in Maidenhead, 27 Nov. 1939.

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