Erik Iversen

1909 - 2001

Danish Egyptologist; he was born in Copenhagen, 11 Feb. 1909, son of Emil Frode I. and Kirsten Helen Jensen; he was educated at the University of Copenhagen under Lange (q.v.); Gold Medal 1936; he then studied at Berlin under Sethe (q.v.), 1930-1 and at Oxford under Gardiner (q.v.), 1935-6 and at University College London under Černy (q.v.), 1945-7; he took part in the excavation at Amara West, 1947-8; a volume The Heritage of Ancient Egypt, edited by J. Osing and E. Kolding Nielsen was published in his honour in 1992; his published works included The Myth of Egypt and its Hieroglyphs in European Tradition, 1961; Canon and Proportion in Egyptian Art, 1955, rev. 1975; Obelisks in Exile, 2 vols.; he died 5 July 2001.

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