Elmer Montgomerie Neilson

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British archaeologist; he was born in Edinburgh, 7 Dec. 1874, son of Matthew Montgomerie Neilson, traveller and sportsman, and Mary Isobel Katherine Brody; he later lived in Bedford, Totnes and finally at ‘Evelaw’, Chudleigh, Devon, and was involved in archaeological work in Exeter; he worked with Petrie in Egypt notably at Abydos in 1921-2; he donated a fragment of a mummy-mask from this site to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, in 1936 (inv. no. 1936.22); his wife Edith Emily Lord died aged 72 in 1938 and his son, Somerville, was killed in action in 1917; he died in Chudleigh, Devon, 29 March 1958.