Charles Trick Currelly

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1876 - 1957

Canadian Egyptologist; he was born at Exeter, Ontario 11 Jan. 1876, son of John C. and Mary Treble; he was educated at Victoria College, University of Toronto; BA, 1898; MA, 1902; in 1902 he joined the staff of the Egypt Exploration Fund and excavated under Petrie at Abydos, 1902-3, at Ehnasya, 1903-4 and in the Sinai, 1904-5 and under Naville at Deir el-Bahri, 1905-6 and 1906-7; he also took part in excavations in Crete, Asia Minor, and Palestine; from 1902-9 he formed a collection of objects for the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, Toronto of which he was appointed first curator in 1907 and Director, 1914- 46; he held the post of Professor of the History of Industrial Art at the University of Toronto; apart from contributing to excavation reports, he was the author of Stone Implements, 1913 and his autobiography I Brought the Ages Home, 1956; he died in Baltimore, 17 April 1957.

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