Ali Abdel-Rahman Hassanain el-Khouli

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27 Sept 1934 - 2006

Egyptian archaeologist; he was born in El-Siff, Giza, 27 Sept. 1934; he studied Egyptology at the University of Cairo; BA 1958; he subsequently studied at University College London, 1971-4; PhD, 1974; he joined the Egyptian Antiquities Organization in 1958 and served as inspector in the Fayum and Beni Suef, chief inspector in 1964 and later Director at Saqqara until 1973, general director of Upper Egypt, head of the technical office, general director of Middle Egypt, and finally Director General of the EAO; he also served as inspector at Qasr Ibrim during the Nubian Rescue campaign; he taught at the Universities of Cairo, Asyut, and Tanta; apart from articles on his excavations, he published Egyptian Stone Vessels. Predynastic Period to Dynasty III: Typology and Analysis, 1978; Excavation in the Royal Necropolis at el-Amarna, with G. T. Martin, 1987; Excavation at Saqqara North west of Teti’s Pyramid, 1984-8, with A. Kanawati; Saqqara Tombs I-III, with W. V. Davies, A. B. Lloyd, and A. J. Spencer, 1984-2008; Quseir el-Amarna, 1989; The Old Kingdom Tombs of el-Hammamiya, 1990, both with A. Kanawati; Meidum, 1991; and Stone Vessels, Pottery, and Sealings from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, 1993, with others; he died in 2006.

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