Tell el-Maskhuta

Alternative site names: 
Pithom; Per-Atum
Site description: 

The large mud brick enclosure (approximately 210 by 210 metres) contains a badly preserved temple. The site was first occupied by the Hyskos in the Second Intermediate Period and then refounded by Nectanebo II when the construction of the canal linking the Pelusiac branch with the Red Sea was started. Darius I completed the project and erected stele in commemoration of the deed. The material culture from the site, particularly the large trading amphora, are testament to the popularity of the canal.  

Type of site: 
Temple (Graeco-Roman Period)
Overlay map: 
Original excavator's map of the archaeological features at Naqqada superimposed on a modern Google map image. Created by Bryony Smerdon, 2016.
Excavation season: