Tell Baklieh

Alternative site names: 
Hermopolis Parva
Site description: 

Tell Baklieh consists of three tells: Tell el-Naqus, where the town and temple of Thoth were probably located; Tell el-Zereiki, a necropolis including a cemetery of ibises; and Tell el-Rub’a, where additional architectural remains exist. Tell Baklieh’s importance in the 26th to 30th Dynasties is reflected in the prestigious material culture recovered from the site and surrounding area including: a quartzite naos dedicated to Thoth by Apries; a torso of a statue inscribed for Nectanebo I; and architectural elements inscribed for Psammetichus I and Nectanebo I. There is no evidence of inhabitation at Tell Baklieh before the New Kingdom. 

Excavation season: