Alternative site names: 
Ghurab; Gourob; Medinet el-Ghourab; Medinet el-Ghourob; Medinet el-Ghurab; Medinet el-Ghurob; Medinet el-Gurob; Medinet Gurob; Medinet Ghurab; Medinet el-Ghourab; Medinet el Ghourab; Kom Medinet Gurob; Kom Medinet Ghourob; Kom Medinet Ghurob
Type of site: 
Temple; palace; town; cemetary; animal necropolis
Temple (18th Dynasty); palace (18th Dynasty); town (18th Dynasty-19th Dynasty); cemetary (Naqada Period, Early Dynastic Period, Old Kingdom, First Intermediate Period, late Middle Period, Second Intermidate Period, New Kingdom, Late Period, Ptolemaic Period); animal necropolis (19th Dynasty)
Overlay map: 
Excavator's sketch map showing the northern, western and southern tomb groups at Gurob, superimposed on a modern Google map image. Created by Kristian Brink, 2015.
Excavation season: