Tell el-Rataba

Alternative site names: 
Tell el Rataba; Tell el-Ratabah; Tell el-Retabeh; Tell el-Ratab'a; Tell el-Retaba; Tell el-Rotab; Tell er-Retabe; Tell er-Retabeh; Tell er-Rotab
Site description: 

The Ramesside fort may have been settled earlier in the Middle Kingdom but its main period was as a fort protecting the trade routes to the Sinai and further east to Asia Minor. Granite blocks depicting Ramesses II offering to the god Atum suggests a temple was located in the city. Domestic architecture dating to the Third Intermediate Period has been uncovered.

Type of site: 
Town; fort
Town (18th Dynasty-Third Intermediate Period); fort (19th Dynasty-Third Intermediate Period)
Excavation season: