Alternative site names: 
Denderah; Dendereh; Denderah; Dandara; Dendera; Dendéra; Dendérah
Arabic site names: 
Site description: 

The earliest remains at the site are Predynastic (Naqada IIC-D) and Early Dynastic tombs, but the Old Kingdom and 1st Intermediate Period tombs of the elite are notable because the area was autonomous.  On the west end of the site are brick-vaulted catacombs of the Late Period with animal burials.

The main temple complex is elaborate, with large foundations blocks likely to have been from an early structure, which this complex replaced in the Ptolemaic Period. Additional temples include a sanctuary dedicated to Isis and decorated during the reign of Augustus and a temple dedicated to Horus of Edfu. Other blocks inscribed with the names of Pepy I and Thutmose III have been reused in the structure. East of the temple are the remains of the town. 

Type of site: 
Temples; town; tombs; mastabas; cemeteries; animal necropolis
Temple (Late Period-Graeco-Roman Period); town (Roman Period); tombs (Early Dynastic Period); mastabas (Old Kingdom, First Intermediate Period); cemeteries (New Kingdom, Graeco-Roman Period) animal necropolis (Late Period-Graeco-Roman Period)
Overlay map: 
Excavator's sketch map a plan of the cemeteries located at Giza and Deir Rifeh, superimposed on a modern Google map image. Created by Kristian Brink, 2015.
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