1911 el-Shurafa

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The excavation season concentrated on uncovering the Roman town and fort, although much of the architectural material had been reused or removed. The cemetery to the north of the town was also excavated with around 100 burials recorded. They also uncovered a large ash heap which had scraps of papyri, Arab weights, bone carvings, and a set of gold earrings. Especialy notable is the quantity and quality of the bone carving. Three miles to the north of the site, a Ptolemaic cemetery was uncovered but the finds were mostly ceramics. Other notable material recovered from the excavations include: plaster figures, glass, lamps, architectural fragments from the Coptic period, gold earrings, dice and dice boxes, hairpins, lachrymatories, crosses, and bone dolls. 

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London, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
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