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Paris, Musée du Louvre

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Paris, Musée du Louvre
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The Egyptian department at the Musée du Louvre was opened on 15th December 1827, an addition to the museum driven by Jean-François Champollion, deemed a founding figure for Egyptology. The collection holds over 50,000 pieces, making it one of the world’s largest, with artefacts dating from 4,000 BC to the 4th century AD. 

Notes on distribution: 
The Egypt Exploration Society's distributions lists record the following objects as having been allocated to the Louvre:
A selection of minor antiquities from Naukratis & Goshen
2 fragments of a column from Bubastis
Bas-relief slab from the Festival Hall of Osorkon II, Bubastis
Bas-relief slab from the Festival Hall of Osorkon II, Bubastis
2 fragments of Hathor headed column
1895 Deir el Bahari
Set of foundation deposits
“Alabaster” or marble “incense” pot inscribed (hieroglyphs)
Model of a “winnower” or “cradle for hay”, inscribed (hieroglyphs)
Model of a hoe
Model of an adze, copper blade bound to wooden handle by original red thong (inscribed)
Model of small wooden adze
Basket-work stand
Earthenware pot
Petrie (Royal Tombs I), 1899-1900
2 steles of I dyn: Nos. 38, 42 in "R.T.I"
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