Percy Buckman

1865 - 1948

British artist; he was born in Bradford Abbas, Dorset 31 Oct. 1865, son of James B., Professor of Geology and Botany, and Julia Sophia Savory, who died shortly thereafter; he studied art at the Royal Academy schools and exhibited there from 1886-1937; he was known as a landscape and portrait painter; he was elected to RMS 1920; during 1892-3 he joined Newberry and Carter as an artists at Beni Hasan and other sites; he was employed as an art master at the Goldsmiths Institute which from 1904 became Goldsmiths College of the University of London until Dec. 1930; his work was published in Beni Hasan IV, 1900 and several of his watercolours are preserved in The Egypt Exploration Society; he died at Tonbridge, Kent 4 June 1948; inf. C. Naunton.

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