Nora Griffith

1870 - 1937

British second wife of F. Ll. Griffith; she was born in Aberdeen, 7 Dec. 1870, daughter of Surgeon-Major James M. of Aberdeen and Margaret Helen Leslie Collie; she visited Egypt in 1906 and becoming interested in Egyptology, she studied it under Griffith at Oxford, and married him in 1909; she assisted him in his studies and in excavations in 229 Egypt and Nubia, 1910-13, 1923, 1929, 1930; after his death she maintained his library, destined for Oxford University, and also prepared his unfinished works for publication; by her will she added her fortune to that of her husband for the building and endowment of the Griffith Institute at Oxford; she died in Oxford, 21 Oct. 1937.