Myrtle Florence Broome

1888 - 1978

British artist; she was born in London, 22 Feb. 1888, daughter of Washington Herbert B., a publisher of music books, and Eleanor Slater; between 1911-3 she studied at University College London for the Certificate in Egyptology where she was a pupil of Margaret Murray and Flinders Petrie; like most well educated ladies of the period, she also was trained as an artist; in 1927 she worked at Qau under the auspices of the British School of Archaeology copying tomb inscriptions; between 1929-37 she worked at Abydos as the assistant of Amice Calverley; she retired from Egyptology in 1937 due to her father’s illness; she died in Bushey, 27 Jan. 1978; her papers are in the Griffith Institute, Oxford.

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