Mary Alford Chubb

1903 - 2003

British archaeologist; she was born in London 22 March 1903, daughter of John Burland Chubb, surveyor, and Bertha Isabel Neile; while studying sculpture at the Central School of Art, she became assistant secretary at the Egypt Exploration Society, 1929- 32 and excavated at Amarna for two seasons with Pendlebury, 1930-2; she then joined the excavations of the University of Chicago in Iraq; she went to Chicago in 1938 to help write up the excavations; she returned to England in 1939 and was seriously injured in an accident, losing a leg; she then became a broadcaster and writer; her sister married Glanville; she wrote an account of the Amarna excavations Nefertiti Lived Here, 1954; new ed 1998; and of the Iraq excavations City in the Sand, 1957, new ed 1999; An Alphabet of Ancient Egypt, 1966; An Alphabet of Ancient Greece. Book One-Early Days, 1967; An Alphabet of Ancient Greece. Book Two-The Golden Years, 1968; An Alphabet of Assyria and Babylonia, 1969; An Alphabet of Ancient Rome, 1971; An Alphabet of the Holy Land, 1973, as well as other popular works; she died in Salisbury, 22 Jan. 2003.