Fredrick William Green

1869 - 1949

British Egyptologist and excavator; he was born in London, 21 March 1869, son of Frederick G., solicitor, and Sophia Rose; he studied at Jesus College, Cambridge; BA, 1898; MA, 1901; he became interested in Egyptology at an early age and studied it under Sethe at Göttingen and later at Strasbourg; he excavated sites in Egypt with Clarke, Petrie, and Reisner, and in 1897-9 while working with Quibell on the predynastic site of Hierakonpolis for the Egyptian Research Account, he 224 discovered the famous decorated tomb; he also worked for the Egyptian Govt. Geological Survey, 1897-1900, and prepared maps for other surveys, 1905-14; he was in charge of the Mond excavations at Armant, 1929-30; he was Hon. Keeper of Antiquities, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge,1908-49 to which institution he donated numerous objects; his notebooks are now in the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, British Museum and the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Cambridge; he died in Great Shelford, Cambs., 20 Aug. 1949.

Excavation Roles: 
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