Arthur Robert Callender

1875 - 1936

British architect and engineer; he was born at Mount Bridge, Skirbeck, near Boston, Lincs., 13 Dec. 1875, son of Robert C., engineer, and Matilda Pepper; he married in Alexandria 14 Aug. 1901 Eliza Clara Reynolds; he was manager of the Egyptian branch railways from which he retired in about 1920, when he built a house at Armant; he was a personal friend of Howard Carter whom he assisted in the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun; Callender was responsible for the successful dismantling of the shrines and many other objects; he also helped Emery and Mond during their excavations in the work of reconstructing the tomb of Ramose; in 1924 he supervised the construction of the old Chicago House on the West Bank at Luxor and was involved in the negotiations with local landowners in subsequent years; he conducted excavations for the landowner Victor Adda (1885-1965) on his property in the Delta; he sold objects to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Oriental Institute, Chicago; he died in Alexandria, 12 Dec. 1936.

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