Angelo George Kirby Hayter

1863 - 1927

British schoolmaster and excavator; he was born London, 31 May 1863, son of Angelo H., clerk in the Inland Revenue, and Augusta Penelope Kirby; educated Highgate School and Queens College, Cambridge; MA; FSA, 1916; schoolmaster by profession he became interested in ancient Egypt and attended classes in Egyptology at University College London, 1901; he assisted in Petrie’s excavations at Hawara and Memphis, 1910-11; those of Quibell at Saqqara, 1912-14, the EES at Amarna, 1921-2, and Michigan University in the Fayum, 1925-6; he published with Quibell Teti Pyramid, north side, 1927; he died in London, 15 Oct. 1927.