Algernon St. George Thomas Caulfeild

1869 - 1933

British prospector and excavator; he was born in London, 31 July 1869, son of St. George Francis Robert C. and Louisa Anne Crampton; he was educated at Eton and the University of Cambridge; he prospected in Mashonaland, 1890-3, being afterwards employed by the Board of Agriculture, 1894; he succeeded to his paternal estate in Donomon, Ireland, 1896; JP; High Sheriff of Roscommon, 1900; DL; he went to Egypt, 1901-2, and worked for Petrie on the Temple of Sety I at Abydos; he published the report on it, The Temple of the Kings at Abydos (Sety I), for the Eg. Research Account; he died in London, 4 July 1933.