Abdelrahmen Effendi Adam

1924 - 1954

Sudanese Egyptologist and archaeologist; he was born at Gedaref, 1924, a son of Yuzbashi Adam Muhammad, and was educated at Gordon College, Khartoum; he was appointed an Antiquities Officer in 1948, and worked at Jebel Morra in Darfur; he surveyed the region from Karima to Wadi Halfa with Alexander in 1952; he toured the southern provinces and assisted on the excavations at Amara West and Soba; he published ‘The excavations of a mound grave near Ushara’, in Kush 1 (1953) with K. Marshall; his career was tragically ended by his accidental death in Cambridge, 24 Dec. 1954.

Excavation Roles: 
Excavations Excavation Role