Amara West

Site description: 

Amara West was the administrative capital of Upper Nubia. The site is located on the west bank of the Nile between the Second and Third Cataracts in northern Sudan. The garrison town was originally situated on an alluvial island in the Nile but the second channel situated to the north of the settlement has since silted up.

The mudbricked walled town is comprised of densely packed mudbrick buildings, including large-scale storage places, houses of various sizes (from 50 to 500m²) and structures of unclear function. Three gates provided entry to the town, with the north eastern one leading into a temple built from poor quality local sandstone. The town is encircled by two cemetery areas, Cemetery C to the north-east and Cemetery D to the north-west.

Type of site: 
Town; palace; temple; cemeteries
Town (19th Dynasty-25th Dynasty); palace (19th Dynasty-25th Dynasty); (19th Dynasty-25th Dynasty); cemeteries (19th Dynasty-25th Dynasty).
Excavation season: