Alternative site names: 
Sakkara; Sakkarah; Saqqarah; Saqqâra; Saqqârah
Arabic site names: 
Type of site: 
Temples; pyramids; royal tombs; non-royal tombs; mastabas; cemeteries; Serapeum; animal necropolis
Temples (Late Period, Graeco-Roman Period); pyramids (3rd Dynasty-13th Dynasty); royal tombs (2nd Dynasty); non-royal tombs (1st Dynasty-Graeco-Roman Period); mastabas (1st Dynasty-2nd Dynasty); cemeteries (Early Dynastic Period); Serapeum (Graeco-Roman Period); animal necropolis (New Kingdom, Late Period, Graeco-Roman Period)
Overlay map: 
Original excavator's map of the archaeological features at Naqqada superimposed on a modern Google map image. Created by Bryony Smerdon, 2016.
Excavation season: