Alternative site names: 
Hieraconpolis; Hiéraconpolis; Hiérakonpolis; Kom el-Ahmar; Kom el Ahmar; el-Kom el-Ahmarl el Kom el Ahmar
Arabic site names: 
الكوم الأحمر
Type of site: 
Temple; town; fort; tombs; cemeteries
Temple (Predynastic Period, Early Dynastic Period); town (Predynastic Period, Early Dynastic Period); fort (Old Kingdom); tombs (Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, Second Intermediate Period, New Kingdom) cemeteries (Predynastic Period, Early Dynastic Period, Second Intermediate Period)
Overlay map: 
Original excavator's map of the Hierakonpolis district of Kom el-Ahmar and its associated features, superimposed on a modern Google map image. Created by Kristian Brink, 2015.
Excavation season: