Alternative site names: 
Elkab; el-Kab; el Kab; el-Kâb; el Kâb; Eileithyiaspolis(ancient Greek); Eileithyiopolis
Arabic site names: 
Site description: 

El-Kab was the site of human activity from 6000 BCE but was an important Predynastic and Early Dynastic settlement in parallel with Hierakonpolis, which is located across the Nile. The town is enclosed by massive mud brick walls and contains the principal temple of Nekhbet, the vulture goddess and one of the tutelary goddesses of Egyptian kings. Likely as a result of the deity, construction and restoration of temples and buildings was undertaken by kings, especially in the Middle Kingdom, especially under Thutmose III and Amenhotep II.

The funerary instillations span all time periods, there is an extensive Predynastic cemetery, mastabas and tombs from the Old Kingdom and tombs from the First Intermediate Period, Middle and New Kingdoms. 

Type of site: 
Temples; town; tombs; cemetary
Temple (Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Late Period, Graeco-Roman Period); town (Early Dynastic, New Kingdom, Late Period); tombs (Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, Ptolemaic Period) cemetary (Predynastic Period)
Excavation season: