Alternative site names: 
el Amrah; el-Amrah; el Amrah; Nag' el-Amra; Nag' el Amra; Nag' el-Amrah; Nag' el-Amrah; el-Amra
Site description: 

The Predynastic and Early Dynastic cemetery of el-Amra contained over a 1,000 burials. The site’s distinct material culture led to material being described as Amratian (=Naqada I). Material remains like stone vessels indicate trade with the north of Egypt and either Sinai or Nubia on account of copper, obsidian and gold.

Type of site: 
Cemetery (Predynastic Period, Early Dynastic Period)
Overlay map: 
Excavator's sketch map of el-Amra, superimposed on a modern Google map image. Created by Kristian Brink, 2015.
Excavation season: