Site description: 

The 3.5 km long pyramid field of Dashur is the southern extension of the Memphite necropolis and is the site of king Sneferu's two pyramids: the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid.  Within the enclosure walls of the pyramid complexes of Amenemhat II and Senwosret III (12th Dynasty), mastabas of princesses and queens were located. The excavation of these tombs yielded spectacular and expertly crafted jewellery. Other burials include Old Kingdom non-royal tombs and New Kingdom tomb chapels. Close to the pyramid of Senwosret III, six dismantled wooden boats were also found.

Type of site: 
Pyramids; mastabas.
Pyramids (4th Dynasty, 12th Dynasty, 13th Dynasty); mastabas (12th Dynasty, New Kingdom)
Excavation season: