el-Sheikh Ibada

Alternative site names: 
el Sheikh Ibada; el-Sheikh Ibada; el-Cheikh Abada; el Cheikh Abada; Cheikh Abada; Cheikh Abadeh; Cheikh Abadèh; Cheikh Ibada; el-Sheikh 'Abadah; el-Sheikh Ibada; Scheich Abade; Sheikh 'Abadah; Sheikh 'Ibada; Sheikh Abada; Sheikh Abadah; Sheikh Abbada; Sheikh Ibada; Antinoopolis (ancient Greek); Antinoupolis; Antinopolis; Antinopoulis; Antinoöpolis; Antinoé; Antinoe; Antinoé; Antinoë
Arabic site names: 
الشيخ عبادة
Site description: 

The city is located on the east bank of the Nile on a plain which extends from the river bank to a desert cliff and the town's orientation is  influenced by the geography based around two main colonnaded streets. The main civic building of the town are based off of those two main boulevards. The Roman city was founded at the site of an older Egyptian site, where Ramesses II had a temple dedicated to the gods of Khnum and Heliopolis. Apparently the city was founded to commemorate the site where Antinous, the lover of Hadrian, drowned in 130 CE.

The site had been heavily exploited by the locals including the destruction of a Graeco-Roman temple for a cement factory, and the sebakhin. 

Type of site: 
Temple; city; church
Temple (19th Dynasty, Graeco-Roman Period); city (New Kingdom, Roman Period); church (Late Antique Period)
Excavation season: