1937-38 Gilf Kebir

Type of fieldwork: 
Archaeological Survey
Season summary: 

The expedition centred on the east side of Gilf Kebir where a Chellean and Acheulean site was found next to an ancient lake, in addition to two Neolithic sites at the head of the wadis which fed into the lake. Flints were retained from the earlier sites along with pottery, ostrich shell beads, decorated ostrich shells, some crude stone carvings, and a wide-variety of stone implements. 

Relevant publications: 

Bagnold, R.A.; Myers, O.H.; Peel, R.F. ; Winkler, H.A.: An Expedition to the Gilf Kebir and 'Uweinat, 1938. In: The Geographic Journal. Band 93, Nr. 4, 1939, 281–313.

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