1911-12 Atfieh

Type of fieldwork: 
Season summary: 

The excavation was part of the Graeco-Roman branch initiatives, which were more focused on cartonnage than on other objects or time periods. 

The excavation continued the work of the previous season, but the southern section had too high a water table to be usefully excavated and the excavator was not interested in graves from older time periods. Excavations began on January 15 and ended January 31. 


Relevant archive holdings: 
London, Lucy Gura Archive, Egypt Exploration Society
Relevant publications: 

Johnson, J. de M. 1911. Excavations at Atfieh. Archaeological Report 1910-1911, 5-13.

Johnson, John de M. 1912. Graeco-Roman branch. Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund) (1911-1912), 12-16.

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